WBTG Listeners…Here is Oh The Glory copy!

I can tell we are going to be great friends. I think we have a heart connection already!

Yes, you…the one looking for encouragement, support, and ways to see Jesus in our daily routines.

I am totally with you in this search my friends. It is a privilege to meet you as we take a Jesus-journey together.

My name is Shelly Hollis, originally from small town Illinois and transplanted to even smaller town Alabama when I was 9…raised most of my life in single-wide trailers…with 6 siblings. I come from humble beginnings and it made me a stronger person.

I am married to an amazing man who I claimed as my future husband on our second date. Twenty-seven years later, we have two adult children, one adorable grandson, and another grandson on the way.1518150_10202593356694165_8465840410069064111_o

I am a teacher to my very core – a former science teacher (yes I am geek), a current senior consultant and coach for FranklinCovey’s Education practice, but my passion is teaching God’s Word. And when God puts a burning message in my heart, I am compelled by Him to write it down!

The thing is this…God won’t let me write it down here or on my blog until I am living it out in my personal life. He is funny like that. God wants those who claim the excellent name of Jesus to live a life of integrity.

Not that I am living it out perfectly – oh no. But by His amazing grace, my heart stays humble and ready to learn.

Will you make an agreement with me as we start our Jesus-journey together? Let’s look for the sacred things in the ordinary things of life…

The burning bush in fall foliage.

The cross in the clouds.

New grace with the start of each new day.

Yep…I already like you! And I would count it a privilege to walk out this crazy, exciting, Jesus-journey together.