How may SHINE serve you?

Conference/Retreat Speaker

Shelly is an avid writer and Bible teacher. She maintains a blog and teaches Bible study classes at Underwood Baptist Church in Florence. Shelly would love to speak at your Women’s Ministry conferences or retreats. She can customize a message for your retreat theme, or if you need some inspiration, check out these topics:
  • Borrowed Jars: A session inspired from the scriptures of 2 Kings 4. When faced with desperate situations, how will you respond to God’s remedy? Sometimes He asks us to reach out and “borrow jars” to bring about our miracle. 
  • Home Invasion: How can women prevent home invasions from evil influences? 2 Timothy 3 warns us about the dangers of home invasions and describes 5 characteristics of women who are at risk. 
  • High Places of the Heart: Is there anyone or anything occupying the throne of your heart besides God? This session examines the life of King Hezekiah – one of Israel’s kings – who dared to tear down the idolatrous “high places” of worship that were occupying Israel’s heart. Taken from 1 and 2 Kings passages. 
  • I Hate Her, I’ll Think of a Reason Later: Women in conflict is not a pretty sight. Paul addresses two women in conflict in Philippians 4 and urges them to live in harmony. These sessions address root causes of conflict and how to biblically address them. 
  • In Bounds: Have you ever felt your life is so out of control that you are mindlessly bouncing from one activity to the next? Has comparison stolen your joy? How can we increase our influence by decreasing our “activity”? All of these questions are addressed in 2 Corinthians 10. This is one of my personal favorites. 
  • Study~Practice~Teach: People readily admit that Bible study should be a priority; however, many people also admit they have some real trouble doing it. This hands-on session teaches basic Bible study strategies including inductive study and Bible journaling. 
  • Face-Down: Are you looking for a real break through in your life? Sometimes your breakthrough happens while you are face-down before God. This session takes a biblical survey of what happens when God’s people go face-down before Him. 
  • Christmas Messages:
    • Looking For Christmas – a lesson centered around the not-so-known character from the Christmas story – Anna.
    • – A fresh look at the controversial women in Jesus’ lineage.
    • The Ornaments of Christmas – they aren’t just the ones hanging on the tree. God’s Shekinah glory, wrapped in flesh, is the real ornament of Christmas.
    • A Phyllis Diller Christmas Angel – A personal testimony of my childhood experiences with Christmas without Christ.


Sunday School Consulting Services

Are you a Sunday School Teacher? Have you ever
 wished that you had a better understanding of teaching strategies that would engage your students? Do you wish you could be less dependent on the “Sunday School literature” to tell you HOW to teach? This is one of Shelly’s passions. She can tailor a workshop for your Sunday School teachers that will not only TELL them about effective teaching strategies, but will also MODEL them. This service is especially applicable to teachers of 5th grade students through adults. Click on the brochures to right for more details!

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