Lesson 6…Beyond the Basics!

Beyond the Basics…Anchored in Hope!

I love the imagery of this verse!

Have you ever just wanted to shake someone’s shoulders and say, “Grow up!” I think that is what the writer of Hebrews would like to do his listeners and readers! It started back in 5:12-14 with him telling us we ought to be teaching by now instead of being spiritual babies!

What the writer is really trying to do is move us from dependence on being taught by others to taking some responsibility for our own learning. Don’t get me wrong, we will always need good teachers and preachers to nuture our growth; however, God wants to speak to us individually through His Word – and that is why I LOVE inductive Bible study – it gets us into the meat of the Word. And I LOVE you are along for the ride!

Our biggest challenge this week in studying Hebrews 6 is to take off our “denominational glasses”.  Let the Word speak directly to you and use cross-references to let the Bible interpret itself.

Some things to do for Hebrews 6:

  • Continue marking key words…I started marking “hope” and “promise” in this chapter too. Check out http://preceptcamden.com/key-word-symbols-2/ for a listing of several symbols in alphabetical order.
  • In vv. 1-2, the writer says he is “leaving the discussion of the elementary principles”. What are some of those principles he lists in vv. 1-2?
  • Even though the writer is “leaving” those principles, it doesn’t mean we are to forget them or not value them. What is the reason for the “leaving” according to verse 1?
  • Verses 4-6 discusses a person who has “fallen away”. List the experiences that this person has encountered. Is it possible for someone who has seen God work in miraculous ways, has been under the preaching of the gospel for years, and have many “religious” experiences and still turn from Christ? If you have time, look up these cross references for deeper understanding…Matt. 5:16-23 and Matt. 13:3-8/18-23.
  • What is said about this person’s repentance? What is said about Christ’s crucifixion because of this person’s actions?
  • Verses 7-8 gives us an illustrative picture of what the writer is talking about…describe the two kinds of fields. What are the results of each?
  • In vv. 9-12, the writer expresses confidence that the Hebrews were not like the latter cursed field. He talks about some things that accompany salvation. List some of these things found in vv. 10-12.
  • What do you learn about “the promise” in vv. 13-17?
  • What was God’s desire towards us (the heirs of the promise) according to verse 17?
  • What was God trying to show us through His promise and His oath (two immutable or unchangeable things) in verse 17-18.
  • Where did that hope (being Jesus) go for us according to vv. 19-20?  Remember, up until this time, only the High Priest from the order or tribe of Levi was supposed to enter behind the veil into the Holy of Holies.
  • Jesus is not of the tribe/order of Levi. He is a high priest forever of the order of Mechizedek. Remember what you learned about him from last week’s lesson…this order is “higher” than that of the Levi’s.

This is a short chapter packed with deep meaning. Take your time in studying it. It really is some spiritual meat!

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